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Woman Rates Her Dog's Reaction to Disneyland Rides in Video We Can't Resist

TikTok user @alicoyboy relies on her trusty Golden Retriever service dog to get her through her days. After all, that's what a service animal is supposed to do! Most of the time, you might see these pups out with their owner at the grocery store, at the movies, or out to eat. But of course, they're also allowed to the happiest place on earth - Disneyland! 

In a recent clip, @alicoyboy shares her time at Disneyland with her service dog. Her caption reads, "I'm aware that no one cares," which is just a false statement because we ALL care about pups having fun. How else are we going to know what are the best rides are?! Luckily for us, the video rates how the dog liked different rides. Any guesses on what ride was this pup's favorite? 

OMG! No wonder Disney is the happiest place on earth! Look at all those rides and that sweet, sweet dog. All of her dog's reactions are a great tool for first-time Disney-goers as a way to see which rides are worth waiting for and which ones you can skip. 

Based on his reviews, some rides were too dark for his liking, which is understandable. His top rides go to Dumbo and The Little Mermaid. Great choices! TikTok user @Jessica asked, "What was his score on web slingers?" The creator responded by saying, "Somehow he got 500 points." LOL. Not only does he ride rides, but he's also a gamer! 

@Eilish said, "We care SO MUCH about how good these rides were for a good hard working pup." Not only do we care, we hope he got to ride his favorites again and again. It's the least he deserves! @Alex added, "This is in fact the only content I care about 💕." Now, can someone get him tickets to another amusement park so we can hear more reviews?!