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Man's Video Showing 'Workouts With His Service Dog' Is Too Cute for Words

A service dog can help their owner out in a number of ways, but at the end of the day they're always a companion, too. That's exactly what. personal trainer and TikToker @jeremiah_walters's most recent video proved, and we are living for it. The star of the clip, of course, is Jeremiah's service dog

The gorgeous Black Labrador Retriever checked in with her dad before settling down on the gym floor during his workout. She may not have had to jump into action, or do much of anything, really, but her presence alone was enough to be special. 

She's such a good girl! It's wild to think that a dog doesn't have to do anything to earn so much praise and awe, but it's the truth--just look at the comments!

"The way she crosses her paws as she waits is absolutely adorable," gushed @kiraanthony_28. Isn't it? One little detail can make her seem so polite and distinguished, but nothing is more praiseworthy than her exceptional behavior. She's a service dog through and through. @Payitforward63007 knows she's also "the best workout therapy ever. She is your motivation." If you're anything like us, that's the best kind of motivation.

As for the rest of us, though, we're not sure whether she'd be more motivating or distracting! "Honestly," said commenter @eveye95, "I wouldn’t be able to work out cause she’s so cute 😭🥺😍 I’d be staring the whole time lol." Same here!

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