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Service Dogs Who Are 'College Neighbors' Became Best Friends and We Can't Get Enough

College is such a special time in life, but it's even more fun with a best friend around. Even dogs will agree! As Courtney of @workingwitheli found out during her own university experience, service dogs like Eli benefit just as much from fun and friendship. 

Her Irish Setter/Golden Retriever-mix became fast friends with Exira-- another service dog who lives in the dorms--and they're just as cute together as they sound. We're so glad we got to see these hard-working pups unwind for a while!

These dogs must know they're in college because they're both ready to party, but it adds another layer of sweetness to know how well-deserved their playtime is, too. Just like @alisonhuebner said, "awww so much fun after a hard day of being the bestest." They've earned it!

"I really hope they tell each other work stories about how their day was being the goodest doggos🥰," @aprilhammer5 added. You know they do! Playtime comes first, of course, but support from a friend is oh-so-important. 

"Everyone remembers that awesome college roomie/floormate🥰🥰," wrote @ladyenigma83. It's so true! Whether it's a study buddy or a partner-in-crime, nothing can replace that kind of college friendship. We're so glad both Courtney and Eli get to experience it! 

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