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Proud Service Labrador Retriever Shows Off Her Newborn Puppies and It's So Sweet

There is nothing like the pride a parent has for their kids. Every mom or dad feels like their child is an absolute gift. Just like a Labrador Retriever mama, who was caught positively beaming in front of her newborn puppies in a video online. We just know that she can't wait to show them the world!

The Lab is part of Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB), an organization which helps train service animals and pair them with people who are blind or visually impaired. In a recent video shared on the @gdb_official TikTok page, one of their dogs can be seen in front of an enclosure containing her puppies. "Each year, approximately 800 puppies are welcomed into the world at Guide Dogs for the Blind. These special pups are preparing to enjoy rewarding careers with their future partners," the video's caption reads. She looks so happy, take a look!

Over 2.3 million people have watched the new family. "She’s proud of her babies," @joeshmoe2626 commented. "Proud momma, she knows they are gonna go on and do good," @teneocity96 agreed. "She’s like 'yep I made them myself!'" @fzirylust joked. "A cute happy mommy and cute little ones," @funnyman1960 chimed in. 

Later on the GDB page, the organization shared a video of the slightly older pups goofing around. They're still so little and so sweet. 

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Welcome to the world little ones!

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