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Mom Believes Photo Captured Shadow of Her Late Dog

When you lose someone you love, you always hope to get a sign from them that their safe and alright. We believe those signs do happen every once in a while. And when someone does see a sign, it's truly unbelievable. 

That's why we've been sobbing from this video TikTok user @peanut_and_mushys_mom posted. This family's doggo, unfortunately, passed, but just because their fur baby is over the bridge, doesn't mean she's forgotten. In fact, she sent this family a sign and it's bringing us to tears. 

Wow, this is so beautiful and undeniable. You can really see the dog's shadow next to the grill, which is special because she loved watching them grill. That's a sign if you ever needed one! 

The creator wrote in the comments, "I taught her how to make snow angels. Now she is one ❤️." Ugh, stop it! Our hearts can't handle it. But it's so nice to know that her fur baby is watching over them from the rainbow bridge. "I see her! So cool!" commented @user248683113169. We see her too! 

"They are always still there watching us," said @Brighton4059. Oh we believe that with our whole hearts! @user6358649335081 added, "Wow! that's incredible🐾💜🐾." It is truly something special and there's no doubt in our minds that it warmed up this family's heart. They will always know their fur baby is watching over them! 


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