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Bear Coat Shar Pei's Sleepy Little Nap Might Be the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

Sleeping puppies are just the cutest thing. We can't help but be charmed by their sweet, peaceful faces, and we often find ourselves watching our puppies sleep to take in as much of their cuteness as possible. Luckily, one person shared an adorable video of her pup who decided to fall asleep in the most precious position.

TikTok user @simba_seven recently shared a video of her Bear Coat Shar Pei, Simba, sleeping after a long day of being the best puppy. This pup picked the funniest place to take his nap, but it made for some awesome content! Check out the video to see how Simba decided to rest his eyes and swoon over how absolutely precious he is.

Awww, this is the cutest thing ever! This adorable pup looked so sweet resting his head on his momma's ankles. We just can't get over his little paws draped over the side of Mom's leg.

People in the comments loved how fluffy and pretty Simba is. @lovetictok300 said, "Beautiful dog, absolutely beautiful. I love it, I want one," and @crazybhadlove commented, "This must be the most cutest dog I have ever seen I want him." Imagine how amazing the cuddles would be with a puppy as soft as Simba!

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Others couldn't believe dogs like Simba even existed! @winston_gigi commented, "Oh my! So cute. He doesn't even look real," and @kpella72 said, "Lol! I thought the dog was a stuffed animal!" In their defense, we've definitely seen plenty of stuffed animals that bear a striking resemblance to Simba!

Never fear readers, Simba's mom confirmed that she gave him many cuddles after taking this video. We don't even know how she would be able to resist cuddling Simba in the first place! His fluff is irresistible.

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