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Shark Investigating Ocean Debris Reminds Us How Calm and Smart They Are

For some people, swimming alongside tiger sharks--no diving cage involved--is a living nightmare. For others like @mermaid.kayleigh, though, it's a dream come true. Kayleigh is a professional diver for Kaimana Ocean Safari, which means she regularly gets to encounter these majestic sea creatures.

In her recent popular video, Kayleigh observes and interacts with a female tiger shark named Roxy. Even as the shark approaches her, though, the diver knows she's in no danger of becoming Roxy's next meal.

How wild is this encounter? For people like us who aren't familiar with shark psychology, it could be rather nerve-wracking to be approached like Kayleigh was. But that's why videos like this are so important! Like she said in the video's description, "Sharks aren’t mindless man-eaters. They are actually very calculated & cautious." Roxy definitely fits that description!

Commenter @royalewitcheez had a fantastic question, though. They asked, "Why do they sometimes ambush quickly from below?"

Kayleigh replied that this happens when "whatever is on the surface looks like a seal or turtle or maybe something splashing like it’s dying." That makes sense! We can see how surfers could be mistaken for a turtle when a shark is looking up from the deep ocean. Honestly, though, that's just one reason why we agree with @nigrescence who wrote, "I both love and fear the ocean in equal measure." It's certainly a fascinating, mysterious place!

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