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Video of Sheep Desperately Trying to Find Shade in Wales Heat Wave Is Heartbreaking

During the summer months it's so important to make sure that your animals have plenty of shade and water. Which is probably why TikToker Jael Geijo (@jaelandomar) of the United Kingdom stopped what they were doing and took video of a group of sheep grappling for shade. The TikTok creator ultimately chose to share the footage online and now people are speaking up to make sure these poor sheep stay cool.

Geijo typically shares slices of their life on the video app, but we're sure the sight of these sheep made them concerned enough to switch gears. "Oh no...The poor sheep in Wales [don't] understand this new weather," Geijo wrote in the video's text caption. Honestly, our hearts are breaking just looking at these little guys. Look where they ultimately ended up standing just to get a little bit of shade.  

Apparently the UK was having a heatwave when the video was taken, which makes it so much sadder. And people in the comments section seemed to be just as unnerved by the video. 

"It should be a legal requirement for them to have shade, a cool space, water, maybe a shallow pool, maybe sand or slabs to lay on etc. in this heat," @thebeeslife wrote. "Aww that’s so sad! They need a shade shelter," @amy.x90 agreed. "For god sake someone build them a shelter," begged. "Bless them. I feel so sorry for all the animals right now," @gembright84 added. 

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But don't worry too much. Geijo shared a follow up video that showed some of the sheep who managed to keep cool. "These ones were lucky with a close by nice fresh water," they wrote. 

What a relief! 

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