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Sheep Casually Invade Woman’s Home Like It’s NBD in Hilarious Viral Video

TikTok user @dmjxx acquired two orphan sheep when they were just one week old. She took them under her wing, bottle-fed them, and allowed them inside the house. As they got bigger, she decided the sheep could no longer come inside. Why? Well, they’d knock everything over. LOL! But after having free rein inside, the two sheep must not understand why they have to stay outside and so they keep wanting back in.  

So, how do you keep them out? The only thing this creator has to do is keep the door closed. Easier said than done! Sometimes, we come home holding tons of bags that our hands aren’t open to close the door. We might forget. And well, that’s what happened with @dmjxx. The sheep wandered inside. The open door must mean open invitation right?! She couldn’t believe the sheep were inside like they owned the place. She starts chasing them out, and the way they leave is downright hilarious!

HA! There’s no wonder why this video has over 12.1 million views and 1.9 million likes. We can’t stop laughing! First of all, we can’t believe how big these sheep look. Outside in an open field, sheep look small. But when you have them in an enclosed space like this, they’re huge! We understand now that they could knock over everything in her house. LOL! 

And then they knew the way out as she started shooing them. OMG! Too funny! “The way they knew the way out 😂,” laughed @Linden. Clearly, this was not their first time and we’d bet it won’t be the last. “THE SILENCE WAS SO LOUD AS THEY LEFT,” said @world’s okay-est bassist. They were SO upset they had to leave, which was evident in the way they left. Sassy! “Why they walking like they’re your sassy aunties 😭,” asked @Padraig Fox. HA! 

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Another commenter, @justlooking0v0 made a good point. He said, “They only come in to see your new renovations .” Exactly! They were just checking out what was done to their room after being kicked out. They’re like kids who go off to college only to come home to their childhood bedroom changed to the workout room. So no one can blame them for being sassy! 

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