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Man's Attempt to Rescue a Sheep Stuck in the Mud Has People Talking

As animal lovers, it is instinct to jump into action whenever we see an animal in distress. Usually this means taking an injured stray dog to the vet or rescuing a cat from a tree, but one man's rescue mission was a bit more complicated and much dirtier.

TikTok content creator @farmerwill_ makes videos about his life as a farmer in the United Kingdom. He recently shared a video of his heroic rescue of one of his sheep that was stuck in a deep pit of mud, and boy was this nerve racking to watch. Check out the video to see the outcome of this rescue attempt!

OMG, we're so glad he was able to get this poor baby out of the mud! It was so sad to see how stressed and tired she was after getting free, but it seems like this man will take good care of her and help replenish her energy.

People in the comments were so glad he was able to get this sheep out of the mud! @hannahrosemck said, "Ahh bless her, so glad you could get her out!" and @heppisims_ commented, "Awwww the poor thing! You did so great." It's truly lucky that he was able to get this sheep out all by himself!

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Others made a few lighthearted jokes about the sheep enjoying herself. @straightouttabruchsal commented, "You just interrupted a perfectly relaxed mud bath. Can’t a girl have one minute to herself?" and @amanduhhhlynn19 said, "She’s wildly content letting you do the work and like... same girl." Perhaps a more shallow mud bath would be better next time so she can avoid getting stuck!

In subsequent videos on his account, this rescuer posted a few updates to show us how this sheep was doing. In these videos, the farmer explained that she had a bit of nerve damage in her back legs, so she needed some help standing and building that strength back up. Luckily, he was able to get her cleaned up and back to full health! Such a happy ending to this story.


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