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Super Cute Sheepadoodle Gets Hilariously Unfortunate Haircut

Sheepadoodles inherit their coats from their Poodle and Old English Sheepdog parents. Because the Sheepadoodle is a mix of two different breeds, mixed coats are very common amongst these dogs. When the dog has both the Poodle-type coat and Sheepdog-type coat, it creates sort of a wavy mixture of the two. This means your adorable baby is pretty prone to mats and tangles, and that means a trip to the groomer is in order. 

@TikTok user @Sunniethesheepadoodle posted a hilarious video showing what Sunny looked like after a visit to their beloved groomer. To be fair, it had to be done, but Sunny.. umm.. looks a little goofy. 

LOL, awwwww. It HAD to be done Sunny! It will grow back! @Sunniethesheepadoodle made sure to add the comment "This is not a negative video to the groomer. We requested the shave as she just finished a heat cycle and her coat was stained. We love our groomer." It's just Sunny looks.. different. LOL. @Rory says, "I think you took home the wrong dog" @A.Seemore adds, "She’s gonna be faster now during those zoomies. Very aerodynamic now. Kinda miss the floof though." @Nevel comments, "Not even kidding I work at a dog daycare and this happened to one of the dogs and he LITERALLY got bullied by the other dogs and became self conscious." Oh No! Hahaha. 

This is just the reality of owning a doodle mix. One minute they are all flooooofy and the next they have a trip to the groomer and look like they were caught in a rainstorm. Good news, Sonny! Hair does grow back. But then you'll have to do this all over again. Regardless, this dog is adorable either way. 10/10 would pet. 

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