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Video of Rescue Cat Feeling at Home After 6 Years in the Shelter Brings Tears to Our Eyes

Rescuing a pet can be one of life's greatest gifts. Not only for you, but for your new best friend, too. In a recent viral video shared by @nineishlives on TikTok, we can see the way love works its magic. 

It's a simple moment: a rescued cat napping on the couch as if it were the most luxurious mattress in the world. What makes it so special is that this kitty spent 6 years in a shelter before finding a home with Rachael, but now that this baby is home, they are finally learning to relax and receive love. You just have to see how content this precious cat is!

Firstly, this sweet baby looks so comfy--we'd be lying if we said we weren't jealous. We want to be cuddled up in piles of pillows and blankets! If anyone in the world deserves to be pampered like this, though, its Rachael's rescue cat. All is as it should be!

Commenters are loving this sleepy kitty just as much as we are, and it's easy to see why! @K.marbar admires his appreciation of the things so many people and animals take for granted. "Crazy to think how much he may appreciate something as simple as a couch and blanket after a life without them 🥺," she wrote. 

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Viewer @Kit10 shares a similar perspective. She shared, "Adult shelter cats are the most loving companions, they appreciate everything and give so much love in return." We couldn't agree more! Older animals are less frequently adopted compared to their younger friends, but that doesn't mean they are any less fun and loving.

"I cannot 🥺 6 years? How???!?" @bheatherr commented. "Ughhh my heart breaks for all the animals who don't get adopted and or stay there for years 🥺." We know! If we could rescue them all, we totally would. 

Hopefully, more videos like this will help spread the word about adult pet adoption! Then, even more animals can feel safe and loved like this baby.

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