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Rescued Shelter Cat's Reaction to Finally Having Her Own Bed Is Nothing Short of Beautiful

Shelter animals are sometimes kept in sad conditions when they don't have the space or resources to provide these animals with the comfort they deserve as they wait to be adopted. One cat had an experience like this, and her reaction to the amazing conditions in her new home is too good.

TikTok user @casual_audreyy recently shared a video of her adopted Calico cat, Maple June, after she first came home from the shelter. In the video, Maple June is discovering that she will have her own new bed to sleep in, and you need to see her reaction in the video below.

Wow, we are crying tears of joy for Maple June! This sweet kitty couldn't believe she finally had such nice things to call her own. We are so happy Maple June's mom is showing her the love she deserves.

People in the comments thought this reaction was just lovely. @jimbochef41 said, "She’s like yes! This will absolutely work." Another user, @jenirwin825, commented, "Aww...she tucked her little paws when she settled." Maple June was very pleased with her new setup!

Others were grateful Maple June was rescued by such a great mom. @laceydayley commented, "I love this times a million. Thank you for rescuing her," and @cathyberry646 said, "It’s a beautiful new world for your kitten." Animals that were previously stuck in the shelter have so much to learn about receiving love and living comfortably.

We feel sorry that Maple June was in the shelter, but we can tell she landed the jackpot with this mom. We can't wait to see what other wonderful new experiences this kitty will have with her new mom!

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