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Dog Who's Been at Missouri Shelter for Over 2 Years Is Breaking Hearts

We hate to see dogs that have been waiting to find their forever families for a long time. It is a lonely experience to live in a dog shelter, especially for a pack-oriented species like a dog. One pup has been sitting in a Missouri shelter for over 2 years in search of her forever family, and we feel so sorry for her.

TikTok user @missiondriven dedicates his time to spreading awareness about long-term residents at animal shelters across the country. In one of his recent videos, he shared the story of Princess, a six-year-old German Shepherd mix in Pleasant Hill, Missiouri, that has been in their shelter for 765 days. Watch his video to see what wonderful things he has to say about Princess after spending the day with her, and help this sweet pup get adopted!

OMG, our hearts are breaking for Princess. She is just the most precious pup we've ever seen and can't believe someone hasn't snatched her up yet. We know her perfect match is out there somewhere!

People in the comments felt so bad for this poor baby and sent her their well wishes. @amyberryganaden said, "I love her! What a sweet girl! Hope she finds a forever home soon!" Another user, @alyssabeth720, commented, "I always feel bad about dogs at small rural shelters. I hope someone rescues her!" Hopefully, this video helps Princess's future mom or dad find her!

Others shared praise for this TikToker who is putting work into to get these dogs adopted. @marilynchin0 commented, "What a great thing you are doing! Somebody come get Princess, that cute girl!" and @lorraina57 said, "Princess looks like a total sweetheart, and you are a great man! Thank you!" We admire all the people who do their best to help the animals that are in need of love and families!

Princess is a fun and lovable dog that is available for adoption at Pleasant Hill Animal Control. This is a rural area that does not get a lot of people passing through, so help spread awareness that Princess is ready to go home with her forever family! 

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