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Video of Rescued Shelter Dog Savoring a Day at the Beach Reminds Us to #AdoptDontShop

Isn't it amazing how a simple adoption can change an animal's view of the world? When they're abandoned or in a shelter, they probably think there is no way their life could turn around. They fall into a deep depression. They're neglected, hungry and inactive. Everything they shouldn't be. We wish there was a way to let them know that one day their luck will change thanks to the angels on earth who adopt and don't shop. 

TikTok user @em_ricey is one of the latest people we've seen on the app sharing their experience with adopting. When she rescued her fur baby named Winston, no one wanted him. He would barely look at anything besides the wall in his kennel. Ugh, our hearts are breaking. But this TikToker decided to bring him home and she said it was the best $50 she's ever spent. Now Winston is thriving in a loving home. One could even say he's seeing the beauty in this world after a traumatizing upbringing. Check him out! 

Aww! He's living his best life! You can see just how happy he is relaxing on the beach with his mom. He's taking in all the beauty of the world that he didn't know existed not too long ago. 

@laurie.arvy pointed out, "He's smiling." And a huge smile it is! He's at the beach with the person who saved him. What more could you need?! @Trishmtoto said, "Exactly the way life intended." Yes! This is a beautiful reminder for us all to adopt, don't shop. Adopted animals are just that much more grateful for life and it shows.

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"LOVE a happy ending! ❤️❤️❤️," wrote @kataugustyn. Who doesn't?! @christopherthomas526 said, "Beautiful! Thanks for letting him save you!" Aww, so true! As much as we save animals, they save us too! 

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