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Video of Shelter Dog in Canada Who Spends 'Hours Crying in Her Room' Tears Us Apart

Fair warning: you might want to grab a tissue before you watch this video. This poor shelter pup is absolutely shattering our hearts! 

Her name is Nellie and she looks like a gorgeous girl, but she is not doing well in her shelter environment. @Dogtalesrescue posted the clip of her 'crying in her room' in the hopes that an adopter will see it and rescue her, but it's also sending anyone who sees it bursting into tears. Hey, if it will get this rescue dog into a loving forever home, we'll share this video everywhere we can.

Nellie! Those cries! We're in tears for this poor girl--why can't we teleport to where she is so we can show her some love? We just don't think we can stand to hear her crying like that for one more moment.

"This is absolutely heartbreaking 😞," commented @pickle2078. "I really hope she finds a home soon!!!" We couldn't agree more. Luckily, @dogtalesrescue already has several potential owners who are interested in bringing Nellie home. And it's all thanks to social media!

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"I'm in Barrie Ont, " wrote @sarahljones88. "I'm new here have no idea where you are, I have no animals my daughter just started school I have all the free time I would loveher." That's so sweet! In the replies to her comment, Sarah explained that she submitted an adoption application and would travel to the shelter later the same day. Now we're all holding our breath to see what came of it! 

In the meantime, explained Dog Tales, "Our staff and volunteers have been working together to bring Nellie for sleepovers and outings to help her situation." Hey--whatever works! As long as she's getting the physical and mental stimulation she needs, it shouldn't matter how she gets it. Even a short walk is better than standing in a small crate, but nothing will beat the day Nellie gets to go home to a space of her very own.

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