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Abandoned Dog Finding His Forever Home Gives Us All the Feels

There's nothing quite as heartwarming as seeing a dog "come into their own" when they've finally found a family to love them and give them their forever home. So many dogs arrive at shelters neglected, fearful and wary of humans. 

Such is the case with precious Norman who was abandoned at a grocery store and saved by shelter dog hero and dog walker @Juliesaraceno2. Watch this video to see how Norman transforms when getting the care he deserves. 

We love to see it! Look at how happy this boy is! Julie posts "It’s always both happy and sad to see a foster dog get adopted. But I know he’s living his best life!" He certainly looks like he is, and so many of the comments agree. @Amanda posts "This is wonderful! Happy forever with your new family Norman!" @Suzy1776 says "Thank you for saving this beautiful angel." Claudia speaks for us all by saying "Awesome dog for awesome people!" 

Indeed! Seeing Norma's big smile at the end is just so dear. So many thanks to everyone who volunteers and fosters and takes in abandoned animals to make them a member of their family. There's nothing more wonderful out there!

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