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Dog Who's Starting to 'Lose Her Smile' After a Year in the Shelter Makes Us Want to Sob

So many dogs languish in animal shelters — not from lack of care, but we all know that most pups need a lot of attention and love. That's why we're really torn up over a now-viral video on TikTok, which shows a pup named Marry who's starting to "lose her smile" after being in the shelter for so long. 

The heartbreaking footage was shared by @littleguild, an animal shelter in West Cornwall, Connecticut, who are worried that the pup's spirit is starting to break. 

"Marry has been in the shelter for 384 days," the video's text overlay reads. "She is starting to lose her big smile." 

The before-and-after from when Marry first arrived at the shelter to now is so tragic. Other people online agreed that she needs someone to come adopt her — ASAP. "Someone please let her come home," @grandmaintraining begged. "Noooo I'm absolutely gutted, she needs and deserves the most amazing home," @tjj0214 chimed in. "What a beautiful baby. I hope she finds her home soon. I’m sorry she doesn’t deserve this," @lizzmitternacht agreed. 

Later in the thread, the shelter shared some good news. "To answer some questions, Marry is still here. We have gotten in a few applications for her that will take at least 2-5 days to process!" they wrote. 

Fingers crossed that she'll find a home real soon!

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