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Shelter Dog in Oregon Who 'Loves People and Attention' Is Desperate for His Forever Home

There are so many animals around the country who are looking for loving homes to call their very own. Though it never hurts for pet parents to search locally, social media can also be a helpful tool when making a match. That's exactly why @therainabaina makes videos of the adoptable dogs at Heartland Humane Society, where she volunteers. 

This particular video features Winston, a sweet and affectionate Shar-Pei who's in search of a furever family. He's facing regular bouts of recurrent Shar-Pei fever syndrome, but he's still the happiest pup we ever did see. 

What a good boy! We are just in love with Winston's infectious energy, but that adorable, wrinkly face sure doesn't hurt. Viewer @angryminion couldn't help but notice that "he’s so happy 🥺," which is even more awe-inspiring considering his medical concerns. 

"Oh my God what a cute dog," agrees @mariediefenderfer. "[He] looks so happy hope he finds a forever home🙏🏻💕🐾." We know he'll find his family! With so many kind viewers sharing and boosting this post, even more people will see it.

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We can't wait until this boy is as pampered and spoiled as he should be! Just like @iustissu wrote, "He is absolutely beautiful. This sweet boy needs out, he needs care. Please consider adopting Winston. He needs love ❤️‍🩹." And by the looks of this video, he's going to give so much love back! 

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