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Shelter Dog’s Reaction After One Day of Being Loved Is a Major Tear-Jerker

We’ll start out by saying, we couldn’t even get through this entire video without stopping and going to get tissues. We were BAWLING our eyes out. But don’t worry, they were the happiest of tears because a shelter dog found a foster family! 

TikTok user @kelseydarragh posted a clip of her latest foster dog, Hippo. As it turns out, Kelsey got this dog the day before he was going to be put down. (Ugh, the tears are starting again!) In the clip, she sits down in the grass to pet Hippo. You see instantly how happy Hippo is to be out of the shelter. And what he does to her makes us think Kelsey will adopt him immediately! 

He didn’t want her to let go of him! Hippo looked so comfortable and at ease with her already, even though it was only one day of being together and one day of love. “He is so in love with you for saving him,” said @Chris H. And his love is only going to get better! @If you know know it added, “Um that’s your dog now lol, you gotta keep him. He said so lol.” Ha! we don’t make the rules here. 

TikTok users are begging Kelsey to keep this beautiful dog and saying he’s a foster fail. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, it simply means a dog is adopted by their foster family because they become the perfect match and can’t part with each other! @Fadiyah said, “This is going to be a foster fail, he’s too precious.” She can’t let him go! Kelsey replied, “I foster all the time and this one I’m like…uh oh LOL😳.” Something is just different about this one. @Dandelion_wild wrote, “It will be a CRIME if you don’t keep him. 😭.” 

Hippo's love never ends! Here is Kelsey and Hippo on day 2! 

Stop it! She said in the clip that he’s really good at giving hugs. Aww! We want a Hippo hug! These videos are the perfect reminder to all of us to #adoptdontshop. There are so many other animals like Hippo out there who are in need of a loving home.