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Video of Rescue Dog Feeling Safe and Relaxed on Her First Night Out of the Shelter Inspires Us to Foster

Fostering an animal is one of the sweetest things a person can do. After everything these poor animals go through, staying at a shelter is definitely not ideal. It's scary. So when someone opens their home as a foster, animals can start to feel love again until a forever family comes. 

TikTok user @goth_pack decided to foster a dog from a Maryland shelter. It didn't take her long at all to feel comfortable at this TikToker's home. This clip truly shows how special a rescue dog's love can be.  

Aww, she probably felt the love as soon as she walked into that home. We're so glad she became comfortable enough to snuggle. And we sure hope she got smothered in all the cuddling she could ever want! 

"This melts my heart. Sometimes all they need is to be in a home with love," said @denisev48. They really don't ask for much. Just a little love and attention. @danbarot added, "Adopted pets are the MOST fulfilling and appreciative." And this video is proof of that! 

@julianarose718 commented, "I really think you should just keep her." Oh, absolutely! She clearly fits right in. @jzellars added, "Please keep her 😫😫." We're so wishing for a foster fail, in a good way though! A fail because we really want this TikToker to finally cave and adopt this cutie. Fingers crossed! 


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