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Sad Dog's Transformation at Shelter After Being Shown Love Is Incredible

It is very important for shelter dogs to have time outside of the shelter while they wait to be adopted. This helps them get extra exercise and experience a more loving and relaxed environment than is often the norm at a shelter. One rescue is showing us the amazing impact of fostering dogs in this fantastic video.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a foster-based dog rescue in central Florida. They recently shared a video on their TikTok, @poodleandpoochrescue, of one of their rescue pups, Nora, a white Pit Bull mix. In the video, the rescue shows us two amazing videos of Nora: one from when she was in the shelter before coming to the rescue and one that shows her progress since spending time with a caring and loving foster. Check out the video to see Nora's incredible transformation!

OMG, Nora is doing amazing! We are heartbroken to see the video from before she went to her foster, but the change in her behavior is giving us so much hope for this sweet girl. Who could resist a pup who looks so cute while playing!

People in the comments are relieved Nora is doing better. @justchoosejoy said, "Instantly happy tears from my eyes!" and @theresastabilevetrano commented, "I'm so happy. May she always pounce and jump for joy!" We hope Nora never looses this joyous spark that she has found!

Others are thanking Nora's amazing foster for helping the pup get a more comfortable environment. @dianandmona1 commented, "Thank God for you all!" and @trueroga19 said, "Wonderful job to everyone involved with her new life!" We are so thankful for doggy foster parents like Nora's!

We couldn't be happier for this pup! She is a precious dog deserving of a loving and caring family, and now she is getting ready to be available for adoption thanks to the good people at Poodle and Pooch Rescue. Good luck, Nora!

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