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Shelter Dog in Texas Who Wants Nothing but Love Has Stolen Our Hearts

A 6-year-old Chihuahua is looking for his forever home and we hope that sharing his story will help speed the process along. The video, originally posted by TikTok user @humanesocietyep, shares why Gordo ended up in this El Paso, Texas shelter in the first place. 

Gordo was surrendered to the shelter because his owner was, unfortunately, ill and could no longer look after him. Ugh, so sad. And now this shy, but sweet boy is at the shelter waiting for a new home. You'll instantly fall in love with this doggo. 

Aww, Gordo is so cute and cuddly! Anyone would be lucky to bring him into their home. And by the looks of it, TikTok users are commenting from all over the country hoping to adopt Gordo. We love social media's power! Now, let's hope something pans out. 

"Such a sweet boy. Made me get choked up," wrote @chilicow77. Our hearts broke because he probably doesn't even know why his owner gave him to the shelter. Ugh! We hope Gordo doesn't think his owner doesn't love him because that's not true! @Mhs89 said, "He's so chonky. His owner probably loved him so much and it broke their heart to surrender them. Hope he finds his family soon." As do we! A family that will love him as much as his original owner.

@McUltra commented, "I wish people made contingency plans for their pets the way they do for kids for illness and death. Heartbroken for these little hearts." Maybe sharing these types of videos will lead to more people creating plans for their pets in case of emergencies. We'd hate to see more pets thinking they weren't wanted anymore. They're all wanted in our eyes! 


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