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Heartbreaking Video Shows Foster Kitten With Abandonment Issues

Foster dog and cat moms are the best people. They care for animals either too sick, too old, or too little to care for themselves. Such is the case with the wonderful humans at the  @mercyfullpetproject who care for stray and hurt animals before they can find forever homes. 

Sadly, sometimes even with the best intentions and care nature takes its course and an animal dies. Such is the sad story of little Benny who lost his foster brother. This video is just so sad.

They post "The hardest part about fostering kittens tiny kittens" and then show Benny climbing up his caregiver's leg. It's just heartbreaking. @Willow787 posts "He needs you. He is sad. Comfort that baby. That baby needs you." Awwwww, our hearts! @kierstan122019 says "His brother may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge but his mommy is still right there and soothing his hurt. God bless you both." @KeeeshYasharahla replies "Aww this sweet little baby.I hope he finds a forever home soon." 

Us too. Best wishes and hopes for this little guy to find a family to love him forever soon. 

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