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Shelter 'Renames' Dogs 'Taylor Swift Tickets' in the Hopes of Getting Them Adopted

There has been a lot of talk online about Taylor Swift concert tickets since her "The Eras Tour" went on sale this week. With this pop star in the news so much, it's no question that some people would try to capitalize on that attention in some way. One shelter had a unique, Swift-inspired idea to get their dogs noticed amid the drama.

Darlington Humane Society in South Carolina recently shared a video on their TikTok, @darlingtonhumane, about their dogs' names. In the video, they said that they have renamed all of their dogs "Taylor Swift Tickets" because everyone wants them. Well, this shelter has plenty available! Check out the video below to see what pups are available to adopt for the Swift fan in your life.

OMG, all of these dogs are adorable and this idea is so brilliant. We hope this helps these dogs gain more attention and find their forever homes! In our opinion, adopting a dog is better than a concert anyway.

People in the comments are loving this genius way to attract new potential adopters. @loganatorrr said, "That’s so cute and funny," and @peytonandthepuppies commented, "Everyone will want one now. This is funny." We love the creative advertising!

Others are wishing people would go crazy for these dogs like they did for the tickets to Swift's tour. @jennifermartin0991 commented, "Oh no, I wish people wanted these dogs as much as they wanted tickets!" and @mzmac3819 said, "I’d take any one of these dogs over the actual tickets." A concert is only one night while a dog is a best friend for life. The choice is a no-brainer!

The effort this shelter is putting into getting their pups adopted is awesome. We love the people who are selflessly devoting themselves to these dogs!

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