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Viral Video of Sheltie Puppy's 'Big Day Out' Is Nothing Short of Perfect

As kids, we always loved when our parents would take us out for a fun-filled day of activities because everything was a new adventure. One puppy recently had a similar experience when his parents took him out for a big day and the result is incredible.

TikTok user @whimsicaldogs recently shared a video of their new Shetland Sheepdog puppy, Kamień, and all of the fun adventures he got to experience on his big day out. Check out the video to see what was so awesome about this special day!

Aww, Kamień had such a fun day full of friendship, walks, naps, and zoomies! We're so glad he had fun, and we're glad that his parents decided to share the experience with those of us on TikTok.

People in the comments were amazed at how precious Kamień is. @thatashgirl said, "Omg must me exhausting being that cute," and @beebee76__ commented, "Can you please give him extra cuddles for me please, he's gorgeous." We image cuddling Kamień is like cuddling an adorable cloud!

Others thought it was funny that Kamień interrupted his play time to take a nap. @lindsayk1986 commented, "Cutie needed to recharge in the car, but then he was ready to go again!" Another user, @loopy_layne, imaged Kamień said, "I had a nap, it was a VERY good nap... ZOOM ZOOM!" This pup must have a quick charge battery in him!

We're thrilled that Kamień had such a fun filled day with his parents and friends. We were lucky to go on the adventure with him, and we hope we can come along again for the next journey!

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