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Shepherd Makes Incredible NHL-Worthy Goalie Save

Now that the start of hockey season is finally here, you may want to think about asking your local team to sign Maggie the Goalie to a tryout deal. She's one talented German Shepherd who lets by fewer goals than most National Hockey League goaltenders. In case it's not obvious, social media is completely obsessed!

In one of her latest videos, she stops her dad's wrist shot without a moment of hesitation. We're not sure what we're more impressed by--her talent or her goalie gear!

Go, Maggie! We are just in awe of her laser focus. She never takes her eyes off of the puck for even a second, and it worked in her favor. Like @randommemeswiththeboys said in the comments, "if hockey was a dog's sport Maggie would be an all-time champion." BRB, we're ringing up the Hockey Hall of Fame! This girl deserves a spot dedicated to her if we have anything to say about it. 

@Ceciliawpg wrote, "Maggie’s such a trouper with the outfits," and we can't help but agree. It's really cool to see how her dad set them up for her, too! She's protected in case of flyaway pucks, but the pads don't restrict her movement at all. 

Speaking of pucks, there were several commenters wondering about their safety. @Aksel.bl_08 asked, "Isn't that puck bad for his teeth?"  

"No it's a foam puck so no danger," replied Maggie's dad. We love that he thought of her safety! Clearly, he adores his lil' hockey player so much, and now we do, too. 

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