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Shiba Inu's Careful Way of Walking Across Hardwood Floors Is Just Too Cute

When it comes to the furniture or finishes in our house, we don't think twice and we bet you're the same. You see the perfect couch and you have to buy it. Or when picking floors, you need the hardwoods to tie the whole room together. But after watching this clip from TikTok user @myathefoxy, pet owners might want to think twice about the hardwood floors. 

This clip should be used as a reference on why you should be careful with hardwood floors. Although this creator has rugs in rooms, the hardwood floors that are showing can be slippery. And we think her Shiba Inu learned that the hard way. LOL! Just watch as her dog walks on the floors. It's hilariously adorable! 

LMAO! We can't stop laughing at this cute video. Her dog is very smart for knowing to take it slow on the slippery floors. The way she tiptoed across the floor and then picked up speed when she was on the rug is perfect. @Claire MacKinnon commented, "Ahahahaha!!! I've never seen that before! 😂 Her little tip toes! 😂." Right?! We've never seen that either! And we think a fair share of doggos could learn this. 

@emskibeit wrote exactly what this dog's walk reminded us of, "As if the ground was made of ice - little Bambi on the frozen lake 😂." LOL! So true! She's just as adorable as Bambi too. 

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"The smile and tail wag 😂 so proud," said @nickaterid. She looked up as if she finally mastered an impossible task so she should be proud! We're proud of her too! @Leah Higgins wrote, "I’d have to buy carpet immediately 😭." LOL! That's one solution so your dog doesn't have to take it easy. Or maybe even special grippy socks so they can run around with no problem! 

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