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Shih-Tzu Relaxes on the Couch Just Like a Human and We Can't Get Enough

It might seem like our dogs get to live the good life, but they have lots of stress on their shoulders too. Like having to wait for breakfast... or barking at the mailman to keep your owners safe. It can be a lot! So of course they need plenty of time to take it easy too. On TikTok, one creator was cracking up after she found her Shih Tzu Stella taking it easy on the couch. We get it, Stella! We all need a little "me time" sometimes too. 

As the video on the @thatdogstella's TikTok page shows, Stella was really feeling comfy when her mama found her. "Stella, you had a rough day?" her owner can be heard saying from off camera. Not only was Stella caught off guard by her owner, but it's the way she was sitting that really is a hoot. 

"Barking at the UPS trucks all day can get exhausting," her owner joked in the caption. 

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "The Shih Tzu personality is like no other. LOL! I have two!" @jleesuzanne wrote. "She's like...oh yes mom! Relaxing and protecting the house from the UPS man. It's so rough!" @katieandlunabuglove joked. "Hahaha Stella is total mood! She even sits with style and the way she turns her head when you call her name! Hilarious but cute at the same time," @joswar1983 added. "Shih Tzu's are the best, amazing personalities and expressions," @fra_rizz0 chimed in. 

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We can't get enough of it. We've all had those days when doing the easiest tasks knocks us off our feet. 

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