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Shih-Tzu Discovering His Reflection for the First Time Is the Definition of Precious

Dogs and their reflections have always had a complicated relationship, but it truly never gets old. Some canines will try to play with the mystery dog in the mirror, while others will flee from the sight. Albert the Shih Tzu, though, doesn't know just what to think of it all.

As you'll see in an adorable viral clip from his account, @shihtzualbert, the pup is completely confused by his reflection. It's the absolute cutest thing, though, and we can't get enough.

He's just so cute! We love watching Albert go through nearly every emotion at once as he takes in his reflection, but our favorite moment had to be the same one commenter @fairytailsandponytails pointed out: "the look when the reflection decides to scratch the same time." It's honestly priceless!

"Bless him I wonder what he is thinking," said @traceywilliams62. We wish we could read his mind! If we could, it might sound something like "'hold on wait a minute everything I do he does. Muuuum come here quick,'" as @suzukiignis0 suggested. Whether or not he's a fan of this new dog who does everything he does has yet to be determined, but we all got a laugh in the process. 

"Love it," shared @user23827595. "My baby use to bark and it was so adorable and funny at the same time." It sounds like it! Every pup has their own unique reaction to their reflection, and that's what makes it oh-so-cute.

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