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Pint-Sized Shih-Tzu's Annoyance Over His Halloween Costume Is All of Us

We all love Halloween! The spooky decorations! The non-stop horror movies played on every channel from morning until night. The candy! It's such a super fun time of year. Except.. when it's over. Then we're done with Halloween. There's always this sort of annoyed-vaguely-melancholy feeling after spooky season is finished.

It's Thanksgiving time! Time for turkey and gravy and football and falling asleep at three in the afternoon! This whole vibe is even worse for those of you who never liked Halloween to begin with. If you're in that camp have we got a dog for you! Just look at the adorable little Shih-Tzu named Tito here who was so over Halloween before it even started. This video just seethes with his annoyance at his funny costume.

Awwww, we hear you, Bruh. Listen, you look absolutely precious as a little hot dog but yeah, Halloween is over. He's just too cute with his little face like "Okay, I'm done. No more dumb costume for me. Can we work on the holiday menu now?" We are with you little baby. Now you just need mama to buy you a little turkey costume because that would be adorable! 

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