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Shih-Tzu's Reaction to Hearing the Words 'Peanut Butter' Is Cracking Everyone Up

When someone mentions your favorite food, what do you do? Maybe you start to get a little hungry, or maybe you plan when you can have your favorite food next. Regardless of what you do, we doubt it's anything like this Shih-Tzu!

Ollie the Shih-Tzu loves peanut butter. (And really, who can blame him? It's delicious.) Recently @screechollie posted a video on TikTok of a little household experiment centered around Ollie and his favorite food. When mom says "peanut butter", see what his reaction is in this hilarious video.

OMG, the sounds he's making are priceless! We thought we loved peanut butter, but evidently our love has nothing on Ollie's. His screeching shows that he cannot contain his excitement for his favorite food. We should also mention the hilarious faces the other pup is making in the video. That raised eyebrow makes it seem like he's saying, "Peanut butter? Elaborate now, please and thank you."

People are cracking up in the comments of the video. @tkstorms73 joked that "he's about to reboot," and @yungbfinn suggested "Put him in rice," a classic method of fixed electronic devices with liquid damage. With the sounds Ollie is making and the hilarity of the trigger word, there's no shortage of jokes in the comments.

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Others harkened Ollie's screech to something out of the television show The Walking Dead, which tells the story of a zombie apocalypse, or even a demon. @jessica_taylor029 alluded to this with her comment: "Someone call the church."

Someone appease the beast and get this dog some peanut butter!

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