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Adorable Shih-Tzu's Reaction to Human Brother Coming Home Is Pure Love

There are a lot of excellent reasons to get your kid a dog. Having a childhood pet has been scientifically proven to increase emotional expression and control in children. Dogs inspire kids to exercise by walking the dog, to learn responsibility by having a dog to feed and clean up after, and by teaching them empathy and compassion towards other living things. 

Plus, the bond between dog and human siblings is just too ridiculously adorable to ignore, like this video by TikTok user @MaryJHawk proves. Just look at adorable Tito losing his little marbles over his human brother coming home! 

He's so excited he can't stand it! We love to see it! Having a dog is a big responsibility for any family, but the benefits of dog ownership, especially on kids, is impossible to ignore. Considering adorable Tito is a rescue pet and adopting a shelter dog of your own teaches kids another valuable lesson in caring for those who may otherwise not have a chance at life. 

If you're considering, after careful thought, getting your child a pet this holiday season there are excellent steps you can take to prepare your kids for welcoming a new member to your family. Talking to your child about who will handle the responsibility of feeding and walking the dog are important conversations to have, as well as rules about feeding table scraps, where the dog will sleep, and how to handle unwanted dog behaviors are all things that should be gone over well before you adopt the dog. With a few rules in place and guidance about caring for a dog, your child can only benefit from having a furry friend to love and care for. 

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