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Cat Pouts Because No One Is Petting Her and People Can't Handle It

A terrible crime has been committed in New York City... this orange shop cat was not given pets by the store's customers and now she's sad. Unacceptable.

Georgie the Shop Cat oversees operations at a MooShoes, a shoe store on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and all customers who enter the store are expected to give Georgie a pet before they leave. According to the video posted on TIkTok by @shopcatgeorgie, seven customers came and went from the store without giving Georgie the attention she deserves, and it is causing Georgie to pout in her bed. Check out how cute she looks in the video.

This treatment Georgie is receiving so unfair! She deserves all the love and pets.

Many people in the comments of the video are up in arms over this mistreatment. @countrywitch21 said, "SOMEONE GIVE THAT BABY SOME PETS RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME GOD," and @redbeardscurse commented, "Sounds like I'm gonna need 7 names..." This user alludes to needing the names of these seven people in order to avenge Georgie, and we are ready and willing to offer our assistance for this endeavor. @ryleedjonovich suggested putting a sign outside the store so everyone is clear on the expectations when they enter the store. Great idea!

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Other's in the comments raved about how cute this kitty is and offer their condolences for the wrongdoing of the seven customers who didn't pet Georgie. @didrusalmo said that Georgie "is a 10/10 loaf," and commented, "I would forget what I came into the store for and give Georgie all the pets." How can anyone focus on their shopping when such an adorable kitty is waiting to be pet?

Georgie's little pouts are just so cute, and we know that she will get plenty of pets from her customers from now on!

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