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Shy Cats Become Instant Best Friends in Colorado Shelter After Coming Together for Support

Shelter life is never easy, but it can help to have someone by your side who knows exactly how you're feeling. Just look at these two rescue cats! They may have just met in the shelter, but it didn't take long before they felt comfortable enough to support one another. 

Plomo and Puss N Boots' friendship is the definition of adorable, and now that @dumbfriendsleague posted this precious video we just know they'll be adopted. Who knows--maybe these Colorado boys will even be adopted together! 

Aww! We're just in love with this fuzzy duo! Their cuddles are oh-so-sweet, but we're still not over their stunning eyes. These are two stunning boys! 

"You can tell they are comforting each other," commenter @korsonia5 noticed. Totally! It must be so scary to stay in an unfamiliar environment, especially one as chaotic as a shelter, so it must feel like a breath of fresh air to find a friend. Even, like @justalittleraina said, "when your friendship is based on not liking the same people 😂." LMAO! To be fair, that's a pretty solid foundation for a friendship.

Even though these two cats have each other now, they still need to find their forever homes. Luckily, so many people are head-over-heels for them already! "Aww cutest little beans!" wrote viewer @final_analysis. "I hope someone adopts them together and treats them so well." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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