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Video of Siamese Cat Going to Town on an Exercise Wheel Is Going Viral

Many folks have seen hamsters going absolutely wild on their exercise wheels (have you seen how fast those little legs can go?), but spotting a cat on a wheel is a true sight to behold. Not only is the exercise machine absolutely huge, but cats can look quite graceful while they run.

It's just fascinating all-around, so we're not surprised at all that @sia_josephine's recent video is blowing up. It already has 2.5 million views! In the clip, her Siamese cat named Richard Parker is enjoying a workout on his giant, 3D-printed exercise wheel, and honestly--it's a vibe. He's seriously in the zone!

Don't you just love this kitty's energy? It works perfectly with the song choice! Other viewers had this exact same thought, too, so we had a good laugh while scrolling through the comments section. 

"There needs to be a Tik Tok account that is just cats running in wheels to 90s club bangers," wrote @curlyshepherdlad. For real! We would watch that all day, and that's no exaggeration. An energetic kitty would be an awesome workout instructor! Commenter @ellenrdh spoke for all of us when she said, "I wish I had that much energy!" Until we can unlock our animalistic exercise instincts though, we'll just have to revisit @sia_josephine's videos to get pumped. 

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We were fascinated to see so many comments from other cat parents who were jealous of Richard Parker's desire to run. As it turns out, this isn't super common! 

"I need one of those my cat is so fat and lazy," wrote @joanncarver451. LMAO! As nice as this idea sounds for a pet who'd rather relax though, only some cats will take to an exercise wheel. Still, there's no reason not to try it! 

And if you need any more convincing, just check out any of the other smile-inducing videos on this cat family's channel.

We just can't get enough!

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