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Mom Shows The Exact Moment She Learned Her Rescue Cat Loved Her

Cats are known for being very particular about who they spend their time with. Which sometimes means they sometimes have the reputation for being not very welcoming. This was thankfully not the case for @giddykittykat, a TikTok creator, who shared exactly how she knows that her cat is actually happy to see her.

The TikToker often shared snippets of life with her rescue cat on her page. Like when her kitty picks out toys, feeding the little bub, and even when she adopted her cat while training to be a veterinarian. But it was a recent video of her cat coming up to her that has amassed over 966,000 views. First, @giddykittykat showed a diagram of what a happy cat looks like. When its tail shakes it means it’s “very happy to see you,” the diagram read. Then she turned the camera to her cat — and by the looks of it, he was one happy kitty! “MY HEART ALMOST BURST,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Commenters were stunned by this new information. “I literally thought my cat was having tiny seizures of some sort, turns out she’s just happy to see me,” @user3798206456426 wrote. “My cat does this when it’s meal time,” @Gisellitah shared. “I thought it's because my cat's tail is so stiff,” @audreyoqn.arts added. “I thought my cat was short circuiting this whole time,” @Heyimhellcat joked.

But other commenters thought it meant something else. “Doesn’t that mean the cat is in heat?” @_anime_lover_2007 wondered. “Doesn’t that mean the cat is marking their territory?” @zero.siciurity asked. But later in the thread, @giddykittykat explained why that wasn’t true. “Haha nah I mistook that at first for spraying but it's not. He's just happy to see me cuz he'll get FOOD,” she wrote.

So maybe it's not that cat's are unfriendly — we just need to learn how to read their signs right.