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Woman Shares 4 Signs That Show Your Cat Missed You and It's Too Sweet

Cats are notoriously picky. They don't love just anyone and it can be hard to tell if they're really interested in being friends. So how do you know if your cat misses you when you go away? One woman on TikTok has the answers. The TikTok creator from New York City, who goes by @neat.caroline online, shared four foolproof signs that your cat really missed ya'. Take a look!

The pro organizer usually shared tips and tricks for keeping your house in tip-top shape on her page. But we think this is just as important. "Here are some signs your cat missed you," she said in a recent video. The first sign? "They greet you at the door," Caroline explained. The second sign is that they "follow you around." There are other signs in her video, but you'll have to watch the video below for yourself to learn them all.  

Adorably, Caroline's cat did all four! We guess she really did miss her mama while she was away. 

The helpful footage has been watched over 438,000 times. "Mine use to scream meow from the top of the stairs when I got home. Saying hello. He recently passed away. I miss that," @beeyankar shared in the comments section. "My cat runs down the stairs meowing and demands that I pet him before we go into the living room. Freaking love him," @l.rice94 added. "My cat everyday I walk through door," @evelynlanae chimed in. 

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Although not everyone had the exact same experience that Caroline did. "My cat evidently never misses me. She just glares at me. I love cats with attitude," @angrypixies wrote. 

Welp, you can never really predict that a cat's going to do. 


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