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Woman Lists 7 Signs to Watch for to Tell If Cats Are Happy in New Viral Video

If you've ever wondered how you're doing as a cat-parent, a woman on TikTok believes there's a foolproof way to tell. The woman, Caroline (or @neat.caroline, as she goes by online) has seven simple signs that any cat owner can look out for to determine if their cat is happy. And we're pretty sure you'll want to see each and every one. 

According to the TikTok creator, your cat can tell you when they're content – well, sort of. Although cats can't talk, there are behaviors they exhibit which are indicators that they're feeling absolutely purr-fect. And Caroline took the internet through all of them in a recent viral video. First things first, "they make biscuits with the carpet," she said in the footage. Then the TikToker goes through other signs; like your cat rubbing up against you, if your cat lays on its back, sleeping with their tongues out, grooming habits, and so many more. Watch the video below to see them all!

The comments section was buzzing with these A+ cat ownership tips. "Good to know my kitty is happy," @leece98 wrote. "So my cats are basically happy but occasionally monsters LMAO," @ohhjust_bex joked. "Aw, I just made fun of my cat for sleeping with her tongue out today, now I feel guilty," @megan.p1111 admitted. "This made me so happy because even though I have a grumpy boy, he’s always grooming and lying belly up," chimed in. 

Cats are so darn lovable, it's hard to imagine not giving them everything their little hearts' desire. We just know there are many happy cats out there. No go forth and put these tips to the test!