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These Clear Signs That Prove Our Dogs Love Us Are Giving Us All the Feels

If you're anything like us, you're always looking for new ways to let your dog know that you love them. But the real question is — do they love you back? Obviously dogs can't talk, so there's no way they can tell you. However a video on TikTok is sharing five foolproof ways that you can tell if you pupper really loves you in return. 

Grab a pen and paper because you're definitely going to want to remember these helpful hints and tricks. Shared by TikTok creator @jaxandjillthegoldens of Oregon, the video features two Golden Retrievers Jax and Jillian, who clearly love their owners dearly. One way that you can tell if your dog loves you is if they "Holds eye contact/always wants to be near you/rests their head on you," the video's text overlay states. There are so many other wonderful signs that pet owners can read into, but you'll need to watch the video below to learn them all!

"I love them too," their owner wrote in the caption. 

Almost 400,000 people have tuned in to watch the tips and most people felt so lucky that they get to be loved by dogs. 

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"Can’t believe we get to be loved like this," @indy.on.tiktok wrote. "I guess my dogs really do like me," @wcael8410 added. "Dog kisses and doggy love is the best. I will cherish every day as my girls grow up with so much love around them," @mdstorm22 chimed in. "Our Golden Girl does all these. She is 3 and we love her so much. She brings joy to us everyday," @megatron1130 shared. 

We truly are so lucky to have dogs in our lives. And a puppy who loves you surely must live in a happy home. 

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