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Video Shows 4 Signs to Look for That Indicate Your Dog Is Truly Happy

If you've ever wondered if your pet is really happy, a video online has all the answers. Yep, there really are ways to know! TikTok creator @starthestaffy decided to share her helpful tips and tricks using her American Stafford Terrier Star as an example. And we think every pet owner will want to know if their pet is living their best life.

If you're anything like us, you give your dog lots of love and care. But is there a way to really tell if they're happy? According to @starthestaffy there is. Using a sound that was trending on TikTok, the dog owner illustrated the many ways you can tell that your dog is content. "A happy dog will roll on their back and expose their belly to you," the voiceover explained. "This is a sign that they are happy and trusting of you." The video includes three more signs that your dog is truly living their best life, but you'll have to watch the video to see what they are.

"She's a happy girl," the caption declared.

Over 2 million people have tuned in to learn @starthestaffy's tips and people were impressed. "I’m so proud that I’m doing everything right," @s.porty2 commented. "Me, crying, thinking about how much my dogs do all of these, all day, every day," @auntie...katie wrote. "My baby is a super happy dog, all four every day," @roxie036 praised. "I’m proud I’m doing everything right proud my baby doll," @maevemalone25 added. 

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If your isn't showing these signs, don't fret! "This is only four signs of happiness," @starthestaffy wrote later in the comments, "there are many more and your dog doesn't have to do them all to show they are happy."

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