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Pay Attention to These Signs That Indicate Your Cat Is Happy

As a pet parent, you're probably looking for your fur baby's reactions quite frequently. Not only does their body language help you learn what they like and dislike, but it gives you an idea of their general health and happiness. Plus, you're probably already staring at their cuteness all the time anyways!

Still, it can help to know what to look for. Just a little research will tell you what you need to know, but feline siblings @delilahanddecklyn are here to help too. Their mama documented several signs of a happy kitty, and it's the cutest thing. 

Were you surprised by any of the signs on this list? Of course, they're not every single way a cat can show happiness, but they certainly are some of the easiest to identify. It helps to have such cute models, too! 

"My cat does biscuits on ME😭😭," shared commenter @win_1namo. That's priceless! You must be one loved pet parent if your kitty is going to those kinds of lengths. It just goes to show that love looks a little different on everyone!

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"My cat was taken from her mom to early so she doesn’t know how to make biscuits," @user5444146081990 wrote. "She tries but they are never actual biscuits like other cats 😞." OMG! We do feel for this baby, but we're sure they're living a wonderful life nonetheless.

Remember, every cat will have their own ways of showing happy feelings, so don't feel discouraged if what you see doesn't match up with the video! @Jessicamurphybabes shared one of the ways her buddy says hello, and it's just the cutest thing. "Sometimes my cat runs up to me meowing about his issues if ive been out 😂😂," she said. See how precious that is? Sounds like a happy cat to us!

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