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4 Clear Signs That Dogs Show When They're Happy

Any parent wants to make sure their children are happy and that's certainly no different for pet parents. But with pets, it's a little different. They can't say exactly how they're feeling. 

You may pick up on their signals that indicate how they're feeling, but it's nice to be sure. Thankfully, TikTok user @buddy_the_brown_labrador broke down a few different signals that show us our dogs are happy. Is your dog giving off these signs? 

Aww! This is truly a great video that gives us a glimpse into just some of the signs a happy dog does. "Glad to know I'm doing a good job. I love my bubba!!" commented @raptors1995. Does that mean we deserve a treat for being good dog parents? LOL! 

"Ohhh, my heart! I thought the rolling over was a sign of submission and fear, so I've been giving Ruby extra cuddles. She just wuvs us," said @neonthotski. Well, don't stop giving her extra cuddles! You can have a lovebug snug fest now that you know what that a dog rolling on their back means they're happy. @capricecapricious added, "16-hour sleeps. The dream." Right!? Dogs are out here truly living the life. 

"What's better than a happy, healthy dog?" asked @toulouse_too. Nothing! There's absolutely nothing better than a happy, healthy dog. You know what they say, a happy dog, a happy life! 


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