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Moment Lab Puppy Meets His Human Sister for the First Time Is Just Precious

The first days with a new puppy are absolutely magical (and chaotic), but nothing tops the moment they meet their family for the very first time. Whether it's a mum or dad--or a human sister, in this case-- watching pup and owner fall in love is unlike anything else. Hector the Silver Lab had one of these special moments with his new sis, and now it's taking TikTok by storm.

We can practically feel the joy of this video through our screen. Everyone is beyond excited for the family's newest edition!

Aw, welcome to the family, Hector! We think your sis is quite excited to meet you. Her excitement is palpable! 

"'Don’t cos I’m already emotional today' 😂 bless," commented @shelbo7644. If that isn't relatable AF! As her mom explained, "😂 She leaves for uni in a few days…this tipped her over the edge 🥺." Aww! Heading to university is a super huge change, but we hope her little brother helps take the edge off.

"Oh my god he’s beautiful! I just know he’s going to be loved so much 🥰," agreed @niamhellenxxx. He totally is! From his mama's cuddles to his sister's shock, there's so much adoration for the little Labrador Retriever going around already. 

Everyone's loving their family vibe, too! @Charmainepere wrote, "love the way you say it's your sister 🥰I I do the same with my daughters and their baby brothers 🥰." LOL! We know quite a few families who do this, too. It only goes to show that pups are part of the family!

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