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Video of 'Singing Donkey' in Galway, Ireland Has Us Ready to Book a Trip

Pack your bags, book that ticket and make your way to Galway, Ireland. Better make it soon though because before you know it, everyone will be there to hear the latest star sing her heart out. And it's not the type of rockstar you'd expect. All we know is that she's going to skyrocket to fame very quickly and you'll want to hop on this bandwagon.

To listen to her first hit, watch this clip from TikTok account @ladbibleireland. The person filming was walking down the street, following a beautiful sound. And what they stumbled upon was a donkey. What?! Yes, a singing donkey! The donkey waits for the person to get a front-row seat and finally lets out the first note. And boy, the caption wasn't wrong. It reads, "Better than half the people that go on X-factor 🙄." LOL! Listen for yourself!

O.M.G. Is this real?! The donkey is totally singing, like actually letting out different notes and holding them out. We told you this donkey was going to be a rockstar! And we know what every judge will say if this donkey ever gets on a singing show. It'll be exactly what @Kymo666 said, "It's a big yes from me." That golden buzzer will be slammed down so quickly! Simon Cowell will even be impressed! 

TikTok users are in love with this donkey. As are we! Superfans are already forming. "Harriett my lovely sing on, sing loud, sing proud," wrote @16capri. Yes, yes, yes! Everyone wants to hear Harriett sing so she needs to put out an album ASAP! 

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Not only is this donkey a true star, we think she was the inspiration behind some artists' songs already. @user6993764047553 asked, "Is this the Galway girl that Ed Sheeran is singing about?" LOL! It has to be. There's no other Galway girl that could compare! Maybe it's time for a collab between Harriett and Ed Sheeran? 

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