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Man Finds His Pet Skunk in the Craziest Place and People Have Opinions

When you think of the perfect pet, you might not immediately think of a skunk. But they have the best little personalities. Skunks are very social and playful. And sometimes they're actually pretty sneaky too. Lily the skunk is no exception and she had people online cracking up when her dad revealed the unusual place he found her hiding. 

This wasn't the first time that @lilytheskunk's dad found her somewhere strange in their house, but this was certainly the funniest. The dad must've heard something moving in the kitchen, but when he went to investigate he found Lily hiding where she didn't belong.

"Don't you hate it when your skunk gets in your dishwasher? So relatable," he joked in the text overlay. "Excuse me," the dad can be heard saying from behind the camera. "Yep, you know what you did. Come on out of there."

"She likes to check the dirty dishes for snacks," he explained in the caption. 

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Commenters were cracking up. "She’s like 'Oh! Hmm… how did I get in here? How strange,'" @taylorcogswell1 teased. "A cats sense of curiosity with a dog's sense of guilt," @chera3773 joked. "I love how she keeps falling as she climbs out," @dpcisawesome wrote. "She’s just pre-rinsing for you dad. So cute," @jennpine gushed. 

Elsewhere on her page, her dad demonstrated his usual method of locating Lily when she's hiding in the house. "Easiest way to find your skunk," he wrote in the caption. 

The opening of the fridge works every time!

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