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Video of Sleeping Corgi Waking to the Sound of Food Wins the Internet

There's no question that most pets, if not all, are food motivated. Some pets only use us to get to the food. All day long they'll ignore us, but right as dinner time comes up, they're by our feet. LOL! We don't mind though. They're too cute to ignore! In fact, we think it's hilarious that they are so food motivated.

One mighty, little dog shows us just how important food is. This Corgi, known on TikTok as @yourbestiebutters, was fast asleep. No seriously, it looked like Butters was taking the biggest nap in his sploot position. His mom wanted to test out if he could still hear while he was sleeping so she picked up one grain of cooked rice. A single grain. She dropped it into his empty food bowl and well, the rest is history. You'll be LOLing the rest of the weekend from this Corgi's reaction!

LMAO! We can't believe Butters came running over to the sound of one grain of rice in his bowl. Just ONE grain! How did he even hear that?! @ClownLoachKing wrote out the truth though, "All dogs do." Any dog owner knows this to be very accurate! The creator responded by saying, "Food magnified dog hearing by 800%." LOL! We'd say 800% at the bare minimum! 

"I'm telling you they even hear you at the kitchen counter and come," added @user2886372636739. So true! They'll even come running before we step foot in the kitchen. LOL! So maybe this owner should take @nconantj's advice and test her Corgi's hearing. The comment reads, "Drop it on the carpet. That's the true test of Corgi ears. 😁." Somehow we have a feeling Butters will still come running. 

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In his defense, we too would be the same way as a dog. LOL! @Roasted Almond wrote what Butters was thinking, "Listen hooman, food touches soul 😂." We hear ya bud, we hear ya!

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