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Dachshund's Sleepy Face Upon Just Waking Up Is All of Us in the Morning

Unfortunately for most of us, it takes a little time for us to really wake up in the morning. It's not until we have our daily cup of java that we really get going. So we totally got one Dachshund on TikTok, who was really struggling to start the day. No judgement! We've all been there. 

The best thing about dogs is that they're always so excited to be awake in the morning. But no matter how happy your dog is, even they are a little loopy in the morning. In a recent video, Leo was just trying to greet his mama Hailey (@hailzbailz) at the start of the day. But things weren't going as planned. Aww, the look on his face is so sweet.

"When you're so excited its morning but your eyes haven't caught up yet," the video's caption reads. 

The video has since been watched over 750,000 times and people were swooning. "Best way to start the day. Your buddy coming to greet you," @wyliewin wrote in the comments section. "I love them when they’re still sleepy and so cuddly!" @daylily.13 added. "GIVE THAT BABY ALL THE LOVINS," @saraannmaso exclaimed. "The morning wiggles & tippy taps are my fav, love this little buddy," @ms.maherr chimed in. 

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We can't get over Leo's little howl and tail wag as he says hi to his mama. Our hearts are breaking! If you need even more cuteness, a second video on the page shows off all of Leo's little noises. 

TBH, we can't get enough.

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