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Woman's Sweet Slow Dance With Her Dachshund Has Us in Our Feelings

If your dog is small enough, it's important to pick them up and hold them close often to show them affection. When this happens, people will sometimes play music and move around the room with their pet, which leads to full on dancing. One dog mom shared a video that's going viral where she and her pup do this, and it is lovely.

TikTok user @klaudiacloud_ recently shared a video of her Dachshund, Alto, slow dancing with his mom. In the video, the two rock around their kitchen to the tune of "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. Check out the video to see this sweet moment between Alto and his mom!

Awwww, this is so sweet! We love this little glimpse at all the love and affection Alto receives from his mom. This pup is deservedly spoiled silly, and we wouldn't want it any other way!

People in the comments are loving the idea of dancing with their dogs. @allthingsgq_ said, "This is all I need in my life," and @rachaellouise45 commented, "Aww, this is what I needed to see tonight!" This is such a heartwarming video and the perfect mood booster!

Others are sharing how they do the same with their pups. @iammagical01 commented, "I’ve been dancing and singing to my pup since she was a baby—she loves it." Another user, @morganbuckner, said, "I slow dance to "You Are My Sunshine" with my fur babies. Now, when they hear it, they run to be picked up, LOL. This is so cute." We love dancing with our pets—it's a wonderful stress reliever.

We are so happy that Alto gets so much love from his momma. We wonder if all of this dancing would make these two good contestants for Dancing with the Stars!

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