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Take a Sneak Peek Into the Job of 'National Bark Ranger' With Gracie the Border Collie

You've heard of the illustrious fire station Dalmatian, and you've likely seen a police K9 once or twice--but have you ever met a National Bark Ranger? If so, you would've met Gracie the Border Collie. This talented girl helps protect Glacier National Park alongside her handler, Mark, but there's one main job she has in particular: guarding the park guests against bighorn sheep. 

These large sheep can be rather aggressive when provoked--and sometimes when unprovoked--so Gracie's job is essential. Viewers recently got a sneak peek into that job with a video from her Instagram account, @barkrangernps, and let's just say, we're impressed. 

Good girl, Gracie--those focus levels are off the charts! Clearly, no sheep are getting by this laser-eyed gal, but it's honestly a bit suspenseful to see her stare one down. That's just a Border Collie for you! 

Unsurprisingly, we weren't the only ones who were impressed. "👏Good job, Gracie 🐾!" commented @scout.the.explorer. "My border collie/kelpie glare does the same for resident squirrels 🐿🐾!" LOL! It's so interesting to see how the very same talent can be put to such different uses. 

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We absolutely loved the comment from @maryloukeller, who praised Gracie's hard work. "I love watching her work!" she gushed. "That Border Collie stare is the real deal! Good job Gracie! Tell Ranger Mark you deserve extra treats and ear scratches." We agree 100%! 

Clearly, the famous 'Border Collie Stare' (which we can't even see in this video) is the star of the show--after Gracie, of course! We totally LOLed when @Sstevenson131 admitted that "the border collie stare would get my attention," but we'd be lying if we said we didn't know precisely what he was talking about. Do you know how you can just tell when someone is looking at you? We imagine it going exactly like that. 

If that's anything like what this sheep is experiencing, he's making the smart choice to turn and leave. After all, nothing gets past Bark Ranger Gracie! 

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